Move Create Practice November 6, 130-3pm EST

Inspired by Authentic Movement practice and Feldenkrais principles, these sessions are designed to support deep creative process with the body as muse.

Move Create Practice is offered 1x month in Movement and Creativity Library.

This month's focus:

“Learning to think in patterns of relationships, in sensations divorced from the fixity of words, allows us to find hidden resources and the ability to make new patterns, to carry over patterns of relationship from one discipline to another. In short, we think personally, originally, and thus take another route to the thing we already know.”
-Moshe Feldenkrais

We meet for 90 minutes on Zoom (online):
30 minutes of guided exploration
50 min of open space for your own practice
10 minutes to share and listen

connect with your truth and creative process • develop an embodied/creative practice • move towards your vision • develop self-compassion • open to the unknown • connect with community • be inspired